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Perpetual Motion: Endlessly Rising/Falling Harmonizer

A Shepard-Risset glissando is a tone which appears to endlessly rise or fall in pitch. This is the sonic equivalent of a barber’s pole or the Penrose stairs seen in many M.C.Escher prints—an illusion of continuous directional motion. Perpetual Motion is a Max for Live device which replicates this effect to create epic risers or the feeling of eternal falling.

Click on the background to pause the pitch shift. While paused, click on the arrow to change direction or use the slider to change speed. Click the background again to resume motion.

Peter Malagodi on voice, Chris Warren on guitar.


System Requirements

Ableton Live 9 Suite or both Live 9 Standard and Max for Live

Mac OSX 10.6+ or Windows 7/8/10



Designer & Programmer: Chris Warren

Testers: Kristopher Apple, Domonique Crumpton, Marcus D’Camp, Laurens Dowling-Lane, Chase Durand, Christopher Edmonds, Isaac Elejalde, Fence, Corey Fratianni, Joe Garrison, Hridayaditya Hazarika, hisimagination, Jordan, Willie Kunstadter, Alan Lee, maga, Sean Monaghan, James Pretti, RC Rabbit, Will Smillie, TEAM BANZAI, James Teej, THECLD, The Wak, and Ryan Welsh.

Special thanks to Miller Puckette, F. Richard Moore, and Jonathan Abel.

Made in California – Copyright 2016 SuperHoax