Headphone Candy: Mono-Compatible Stereoizer


Transform mono tracks into broad stereo. Add width to any mono sound while maintaining stereo balance.

Stereo enhancement algorithms often have a fatal flaw: when collapsed to mono, the resulting phase cancellation can ruin a mix. When Headphone Candy is returned to mono, the original signal is faithfully reconstructed. Create vast and expansive mixes which retain their mono compatibility.

Virtuoso Kristopher Apple on the violin.


Headphone Candy has a single control slider: Width.  This ranges from 0% (mono) to 100% (full stereo).

Note that if the original track is stereo, Headphone Candy will only use the left input channel.

System Requirements

Mac OSX 10.5+ or Windows 7/8/10

Ableton Live 9 Suite or both Ableton Live Standard and Max for Live



Designer & Programmer: Chris Warren

Testers: Ben Bishop, Alec Brady, Isaac Elejalde, Hridayaditya Hazarika, Brian Healey, Scott Howard, Mark Iandovka, lilTrybe, Reece McMillin, Taun Mitchell, Zach Stanley, Raleigh Stott, James Teej, Jeff Way.

Special thanks to Miller Puckette, F. Richard Moore, and Jonathan Abel

Made in California – Copyright 2015 SuperHoax