What is Max for Live?

Max is a visual programming language for audio, created by Dr. Miller Puckette and developed by Cycling 74.  Beginning with Live 8, Ableton Live has incorporated Max as a way to develop new plugins.

Which version of Ableton Live do I need to use these effects?

These plugins are designed in Max for Live for use with Ableton Live 9.  You will either need to have Live 9 Standard and Max for Live or Live 9 Suite (which includes Max for Live).

Are these effects for Mac or PC?

Yes 😉

Can I use these effects without Ableton?

Max for Live plugins can also be used in Max 7.

How can I reduce CPU load when using lots of plugins?

Ableton has a helpful technique called Freeze/Flatten.  This processes the specified track with the plugin and saves the resulting audio, so the effect is no longer needed.  However, once frozen, changes in the effect settings can no longer be made.

How do I install Max for Live plugins?

Drag and drop the plugin into an Ableton Live project.  Click on the disk icon in the upper right corner.  This will save the current settings as a preset and also save the plugin to your Max for Live folder.  After installing new effects you will need to leave this folder and return for the list of devices to refresh.

Alternatively, you can add the plugin to your Max for Live folder. You can locate this folder by going to Live > Preferences and clicking on the Library tab to see the Location of User Library.  You can also locate this folder by clicking on Max for Live in the Live file browser, right/control-clicking on any M4L device, and selecting Show in Finder/Explorer.

Are these effects available as VST/AU/RTAS plugins?

Currently they are only available for Max for Live, but join our mailing list to be notified when the VST/AU/RTAS versions are released.  Email chris [at] superhoax [dot] com.  No spam, no spam.